We bridge cultures, societies & businesses for young pioneers


YiLu is the community of European and Chinese change-makers.

In times of constant change and global movements, it is essential to hold on to common objectives, to adapt through learning, and to create an environment of mutual understanding for each other. Together, we lay the foundation for a new cooperation to unlock the potential of a young and innovative collaboration between Europe and China.




Young Professionals


Different Backrounds



We are a selected group across the continent.

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Together we create a borderless generation and influence the world of tomorrow.


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Advice from our former speakers

"Europe feels threatened by China, but is also excited by China"

Graham Perry - Son of Jack Perry who was the first Western businessman to visit China in 1953

“Don't have a transaction mindset. Build a trust relationship first, before you talk about business.”

Yuanyuan Cui - Director, Asia Program at Closed Loop Partners

“Use only the last 5 minutes of your first business dinner to talk about your company.”

Philip Carmichael - Former President & CEO Haier Asia Pacific

Get to know what our members think

Liliane Krüsi

“YiLu opened up a new opportunity to connect with like-minded China enthusiasts and offers us a platform to thrive together.”

YiLu China Europe Community Partner

Elena Yumin

“YiLu is a vibrant community where young  brilliant minds come together to exchange ideas while fostering cross-cultural understanding between Europe and China.”

YiLu China Europe Community Partner


“YiLu is the perfect place for young professionals and students to create new connections with people from different backgrounds and share knowledge.

YiLu China Europe Network Partner

ANDREA Pietrini

“An open minded, team oriented, collaborative professionals’ community whose enthusiasm wants to drive innovation, spread opportunities and set new goals in a competitive environment”

What you can expect by joining YiLu

The Journey

With our focus aimed at the next generation of China-Europe fascinated young minds we have set ourselves onto a journey of creating a sustainable community of like-minded visionaries with mutual understanding, drive and partnership.

Speaker Sessions

Our goal is the expansion of knowledge through experienced professionals in various fields of expertise. Therefore we have set ourselves the task of always inviting Speakers who are interesting and knowledgable within their sphere to our Sessions.

Community Events

It is of upmost importance to internalise and exchange acquired knowledge. For this reason, we offer each of our members plenty of opportunities to learn how to incorporate their new found knowledge into their lives by attending our community events.

Cultural Exchange

Next to many community sessions we also find the awareness of the differences between cultures and its exchange to be a key factor leading up to success. For this reason, our members are always offered a variety of events supporting the exchange of different cultures, traditions, and ideas.