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I am a former Big4 strategy consultant, entrepreneur, investor and public speaker. I work in flexible packaging, where my company has the aim to become the first zero carbon packaging company in the world by 2025! My latest venture, Empowermotion, rolls 15 years of public speaking, coaching, and change management experience into 5 neat modules. Check out the section to see what we do to turn you into a high performance individual in 10 weeks! My favorite speaker topics include Packaging Sustainability, Employee and Organisational Motivation, Startup Internationalization, Growth Acceleration, as well as market entry in East Africa I have delivered keynotes and lectures in over 20 countries including Finland, Sweden, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Tanzania, Madagascar, Thailand, the UK, China and Belgium.

Mentoring Topics

Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, Startup Internationalisation & Scaling, Intercultural Management, Pitching, 2.0-YOU


English, German, Finnish

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