We are the new generation between China & Europe.

We unite young pioneers. We collaborate with driving forces.
Together we build the YiLu Community.


We connect like-minded pioneers between Europe and China to create valuable and long-lasting. relationships


We provide each member a monthly boarder-crossing exchange of ideas to boost their practical leadership skills.


We bridge people with different ideas, traditions, and knowledge while developing a cultural exchange for all members.

What's in for you?

The YiLu Member status is for all those who want to connect and build a network with the next generation leaders between Europe and China.

As a YiLu Fellow you will be involved in the community for 4 weeks and work on small projects, research and outcomes with other community members from all over the world.
  • community access
  • Opportunity to join various Community events
  • Connecting with Speakers
  • Joining of Networking Sessions
  • incl. All YiLu Member Benefits
  • Access to the Mentor Club
  • Contribute to the YiLu Think Tank
  • Access to curated member list
  • Access to the YiLu Acedemy

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Brilliant minds:

YiLu enables the connection of a new generation of like-minded people between Europe and China.

The background diversity each members brings into the network enables the community to experience a knowledge boost and expands someone‘s own network around the world at the same time.

Some former speakers

"Work culture at Tencent and Tencent Europe"

Haodong Huang - General Manager of Germany at Tencent Cloud

“Mutual perception & overcoming old patterns, views of a political scientist.”

Pr. Dr. Eberhard Sandschneider - Partner at Berlin Global Advisors

“Experiences with IBM China”

Jun Zhou – Economic and Trade Mission at Consulate General of Israel in Chengdu, former IBM employee

"Insights into the Investment world"

Daniel Csontos (陈聃) - Investment Director at Ping An Cloud Accelerator

"The issue of mutual trust between EU and China"

Duncan Freeman - Researcher, Lecturer EU-China relations, China economy and politics

"Art as communication on the bridge between Europe and China"

Prof. Yu Zhang - Cross-Thinking Entrepreneur, Supervisor & Author

Practical leadership: experienced.

Experience a monthly boarder-crossing exchange of ideas provided by our professional speakers in business, social and culture. All speakers are well selected and become part of the YiLu network.

Cultural exchange: guaranteed.

At YiLu, each member is offered a number of opportunities, ranging from social networking events to unconventional workshops. All activities are planned and run by people from or for the community, which bring various levels of knowledge, experience, ideas and cultural background with them.

Culture does not make people. People make culture.
- Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Get to know what our members think

Liliane Krüsi

“YiLu opened up a new opportunity to connect with like-minded China enthusiasts and offers us a platform to thrive together.”

YiLu China Europe Community Partner

Elena Yumin

“YiLu is a vibrant community where young  brilliant minds come together to exchange ideas while fostering cross-cultural understanding between Europe and China.”

YiLu China Europe Community Partner


“YiLu is the perfect place for young professionals and students to create new connections with people from different backgrounds and share knowledge.

YiLu China Europe Network Partner

ANDREA Pietrini

“An open minded, team oriented, collaborative professionals’ community whose enthusiasm wants to drive innovation, spread opportunities and set new goals in a competitive environment”