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Unfit-for-purpose China Strategy?

Boao Forum, Q1, Digital Tax, STAR board regulation, Huawei EV, A Special Weekend Edition

A China Big Idea Analysis On The New-Five-Year-Plan

A remarkably detailed analysis of the new China five-year plan.

Being a Chinese-English freelance translator

YiLu Ambassador Elena shares her experiences as a freelance translator.

China and its tastes

Cooking practices of different areas in China depend on the nature of the geography of each particular region.

Visiting China for the 1st time? - be aware of the following culture differences

4 remarkable cultural differences westerners should know about

Third Culture Kids: Citizens of everywhere and nowhere

Do you know what a "TCK" is referring to?

The EU-China Investment Treaty

The new year starts with optimism for China and the European Union.

New Year Traditions

Every country has its own tradition to celebrate the beginning of the new year.

Take a fact with you

"Together with the European Union, China and the United States are among the three largest economies in the world. In 2017, the two countries and the EU each generated approximately 16 percent of global gross domestic product." - eu2020

"With a trade volume of approximately one billion Euros per day, the EU and China are important strategic markets for each other. Especially regarding imports, China is the most important trading partner: a fifth of all imports come from the People's Republic." - eu2020

“China and the EU work together on climate protection. Thus, the People's Republic and the Union have signed and ratified the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change. The agreement is a milestone in the fight against man-made climate change.”

“Did you know that you can reach Beijing by train from Europe? From the Iberian Peninsula, it takes just over a week to reach the Chinese capital. ” -eu2020