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Europe and China

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Let's rethink the concept of think tanks

By definition, YiLu’s think tank is an independent civil society think tank established as a non-profit organisation, ideologically identifiable for its mission and approach towards improving mutual understanding between Europe and China.



We grouped outstanding young people from various backgrounds and countries, eager to analyse and discuss the new trends on the bridge between Europe and China.


Together we conduct research on specific topics and analyse them in detail. We look into many areas and pay special attention to the relationship between Europe and China, as well as the new & young generation. The YiLu community helps as a primary research source to get an overview of the opinion of the young generation.


Youth is part of YiLu’s DNA. We are centered on young minds and relevance to how the new generations perceive China-Europe’s relations and divide. Therefore, we also venture and employ new and non-traditional tools for a think tank to communicate and achieve social relevance by focusing on new formats.  


In line with our agenda, our research projects fall within two umbrellas. The first point in the program relates to social and political understating. The second point relates to economic ties, cooperation, and competition between Europe and China.

Researchers for social & politic topics

José Alamá Rodríguez
Risk Management Specialist at Amazon
Alexandra Filius
Program Manager VU Graduate School of Social Sciences

Researchers for economic topics

Yisu James Li
Specialist in Chinese Relations
Jonathan Kuhl

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